Up Cycle! (2012)- an/b editions publication

"Upcycling involves converting an object into something of greater value without degrading the material with wich is made.!
"More than 100 upcycling ideas for furniture, ligthing, products and accesories"
Last year ab/editions published this interesting and refreshing book, that compilates projects of designers around the world.
The plywood mirador rings (http://cuadernobandada.blogspot.com.es/2010/09/miradores-en-madera-wooden-mirador.htm) are included in these selection and we are very satisfied of having participate in these project that not only presents the products/designs, but contextualize the designer`s creative world.


Crystals_ Earrings / Pendientes_Cristales

These are some pieces of a new set of earrings. Are made of silver, gold, and silver with black rhodium. They all arise from the same hexagonal reticle  -that might remember an old celosia, the tiles floors of Barcelona or the structure of the water crystals-. Are designed by Ana Maria Ramirez and soon will be available at our online store...

Estas son algunas piezas de una nueva serie; pendientes hechos en plata, oro, y plata con rodio negro. Se originan a partir de una misma retícula hexagonal -que podría recordar una antigua celosia, los mosaicos de los suelos de Barcelona o la estructura de los cristales de agua...
Están diseñados por Ana María Ramírez y pronto estarán disponibles en nuestra tienda online